We have a full service grooming salon where we offer a basic bath and brush which includes nail grinding, ear cleaning, bath, blow dry/blowout, anal gland expression (upon request), brushing, and a haircut if necessary (in the full service haircut). The price of this service depends on the size of your dog, coat type, coat condition, and pet temperament. 

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Grooming extras that can be added to your pet's spa session
We offer a wide variety of walk-in grooming services like toenail grinding, anal gland expression, and 15 minute brush outs.

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We charge one price for all Dogs, no matter the size.


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For those pets that require a bit more attention during the day we offer daycare services. Our daycare pups get 3 walks, playtime, water, and food if you bring any. Daily Daycare is $15 a day and $10 for 4 hours or less. 

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Services that enhance your pet's Resort stay.
Riverbanks offers a selection of collars, leashes, and harness from Lupine. We have a treat bar that includes natural and ethically sourced chews and CBD treats from The Natural Dog Co.