Does your dog need a chance to interact with other dogs and get out some of the never ending energy? We have the answer for you
Puppy Play Time
$7 / pet
special pricing per pet
Dogs are social animals and need interaction with other dogs. This is 1 hour of playtime for puppies 10 weeks of age up to 1 year. This is to help your puppy socialize and learn to be a dog around other dogs. Playtime is also crucial to help your puppy learn what is acceptable behavior in a pack. 

Puppies will require the DHLPP vaccine (also known as Distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus), rabies (if your puppy is 4 months or older), and a negative fecal. 

We can only take 10 puppies at a time so reservations are required. There will be two fur-staffers available during this hour to help maintain a loose control over the festivities.

Currently the human counterparts to the fur-families will not be allowed to attend due to COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings.